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Backup system, v1.4

Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:52 am

Hi All,
here is my backup system for Mikrotik's routers which I successfully use last half-year (see attach).
It consists of set of external functions/scripts.
To install system you need unpack and import script (see attach):
/import file=backuping-system-v1.4.rsc
and set parameters in backups_config script and ... usually it is enough.

Backup's process consists of 3 stages ( 3 tasks in scheduler):
A. Generating of backup (backups_generate)
B. Sending via FTP (backups_send2ftp).
C. Cleaning (backups_cleanup). Only last 3 backups left.

You may call this scripts from terminal to test system:
/system script run backups_generate
Also Tools-Email must be set correctly to receive notifications via email.
Information in details can be read here (in Russian).
Scripts look complex but they use many tricks discussed in this forum and may be useful for scripts makers.
For example system contains func_xxxx - external functions for ftp, logging and working with dates and can be useful for scripting..
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